10 Best Professional Shoe Dyeing Services in 2020


Having shoes dyed is a perfect option to bring your outfit to the next level. Whether you need shoes dyed for your wedding or just want to up your game for a night on the town, this is a great way to bring it all together. Your shoes can be dyed to match your dress, handbag or accessories. We make finding a company to dye your shoes simple. Below we've listed our favorite shoe dyeing companies. If you have questions, use our contact form to reach out to every shoe dyeing company, with just a single email. Don't want to contact all of them? Select only the companies you want to contact. They will reply quickly with price quotes and answers to your questions. Then you can easily decide which one to choose. Fast Dye is fast, easy and free!

Dyeable Shoe Store

Bella Sera Bridal 85 Andover St Danvers, MA 01923

Dyeable Shoe Store is a true gem selling shoes, handbags, veils and jewelry. Dyeing shoes to match your wedding dress, handbag or accessories is their specialty. There's no place quite like it!  

Dyeable Shoe Store understands that buying shoes online to have dyed can be risky. Therefore, they offer a great service that enables you to buy shoes from them online and have them dyed. Once you place your order online, they will ship the shoes to you to try on. Then, you send them back to be dyed or exchanged/refunded. A color swatch can also be sent for a custom color.

My Shoe Hospital

Pink high heels and beige shoes with love written underneath

4909 Commercial Park Dr, Austin, TX 78724

My Shoe Hospital's dyeing experts have been dyeing shoes, handbags, and accessories for over 25 years. They are industry leaders in shoe repair and shoe dyeing. They repair all types of shoes including flats, sandals and high-heels. Additionally, they repair western boots, fashionable boots and work boots. 

Repair and Dyeing Services include:

  • High heels
  • Flats
  • Sandals
  • Work shoes
  • Dress shoes
  • Athletic shoes
  • Western boots
  • Fashion boots
  • Work boots
  • Handbags
  • Belts
  • Wallets
  • Satchels

Rago Brothers

142 Speedwell Ave, Morristown, NJ 07960

Rago Brothers repairs and redyes all types of leather shoes. High-end shoes are their specialty. Thinking about buying new shoes rather than having your shoes repaired? Think again, Rago may be the answer you've been looking for. Their shoe repair and dyeing services will cost a fraction of buying new shoes.  

Men's Shoes

– Full Leather Soles/Rubber Heels
– Half Soles & Heels
– Protective Rubber Soles
– Rubber Heels
– Other types of heels- various materials
– Shine shoes & boots
– Condition and clean
– Waterproof 

Women's Shoes

– Christian Louboutin
protective red soles applied
– Half Soles & Heels
– Thin, Protective Rubber Soles – various colors
– Heel Lifts
– Shine shoes & boots
– Condition and clean
– Waterproof 

Custom Repair Services

– Boot zippers replaced
– Widen or take in boot calves
– Raise/lower heels
– Shorten boot height
– Replace buckles and hardware
– Comfort pads, cushions and insoles added
– Heel protectors
– Straps adjusted
– Shoes and booths stretched
– Re-dye
– Beads, stones, charms and ornaments replaced…many, many more.

Shoe Dye

Brown leather boots being dyed.

41 Charlemont St  Dublin 2  Ireland

Shoe Dye has been dyeing shoes for over 50 years. They dye shoes made from leather, suede and fabric.  

Is generally the best material and the easiest to work with.  Full range of colours available for fabric. 

Suede can be dyed but only comes in a few colours mainly Navy, Black and Brown.  

The dyeing of leather is depended on the finish of the leather this has nothing to do with quality or price but how it is treated, this means dyeing leather is risky.

Bridal Shoe Dye

140 East 55th Street, New York, NY 10022

Bridal Shoe Dye has dyed over 10,000 pairs of shoes over the past 25 years.They carefully formulate colors, tones, and shades to accomplish a desired shoe color match for your gown, dress, purse or hair accessories. Having shoes dyed is a great option for bridal parties, theater performances, bridal salons, and show conventions. They expect you to have high expectations and will not let you down.

The Perfect Bridal Company

Woman trying on shoes for her wedding.

Unit 2, Church View, Dragon Ln, Newbold Verdon, Leicester LE9 9NG, UK

The Perfect Bridal Company offers two options for having your shoes dyed. The first option is to choose a color from their color chart of 45 colors. The second option is to have them custom dye your shoes to swatch you provide. Ideally, the swatch would be from the fabric your dress or garment is made from. 

This dyeing service is great for:

  •   Bridal shoes to match your wedding gown

  •   Bridesmaids’ shoes to match their dresses

  •   Mother of the Bride shoes to match their outfits

  •   Prom and Ball shoes to match gowns

Shoes to Dye For


Shoes to Dye For offers a wide selection of shoes and dyeing services. In addition to dyeing shoes, they dye purses and they make custom jewelry.

  • Dyeable shoes

  • Custom dyeing on premises

  • Bridal and evening shoes

  • Dyeable and evening bags

USA Shoe Company

Six shoes being dyed different colors.

5610 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32810

USA Shoe Company offers several show related services including shoe dyeing. They take great pride in their craftsmanship and will do everything possible to ensure you're pleased with their service. 

  •  resoling

  • re-stitching

  • dyeing

  • painting

  • alterations

  • random customization's. 

Every pair of shoes undergoes a strict quality control inspection to ensure the highest quality expectations are met. If it can be done to a shoe, they can do it! Contact USA Shoe Company for premium shoe service no matter how big or small the job.

Towson Bootery

810 Kenilworth Dr, Towson, MD 21204

Yes, they dye shoes too, and have been since 1948.  Three generations later Towson Bootery remains at the heart of the town in which it was first developed. With hard work and great service they are going strong as the communities oldest shoe store.  

  • Shoe dyeing
  • Shoe repair
  • Special orders
  • Orthopaedic corrections
  • Childeren's shoes
  • Toddler's shoes
  • Women's shoes
  • Men's shoes
  • Dance Shoes
  • Rain Boots
  • Snow Boots
  • Work Boots

One thing you'll certainly need every day regardless if you're just running errands or heading to a special event is shoes! If your favorite shoes need to be revived, contact Towson Bootery for great service and outstanding results.

MY Glass Slipper *Out of business

Red and black high heels.

128 N Pitt St Alexandria, VA 22314 Old Town Alexandria

MY Glass Slipper is one of the best professional shoe dyeing services in the business. Not only do they dye shoes in over 35 colors, they carry a large selection of dye-able shoes from top designers that can be custom dyed for your wedding or any special occasion. Be the envy of your next event with one of a kind shoes!   

Having your shoes dyed is a great way to customize your look for your wedding, special occasion, or a night on the town! Although shoe dyeing results are typically fantastic, it's important to have them professionally dyed to minimize the possibility of being disappointed by the results. My Glass Slipper's shoe dyeing service is highly regarded in the industry!