10 Best Professional Leather Dyeing Services in 2020


Time to redye your faded leather jacket? Finding a service that dyes leather can be difficult, finding one in your area is nearly impossible. How do you choose one that you can trust with your favorite leather jacket, boots, shoes or bag? We made it easy for you by listing the best services below. We realize that contacting each one individually can be painstaking, which is where we come in. Use the contact form on this page to send an email to as many(or as few) services as you'd like. They will reply quickly with answers to your questions and prices for your item. Once you compare the information and prices they provide, making your decision will be much easier. Fast Dye is fast, easy and free!


751 S State College Blvd Unit 38 Fullerton, CA 92831

Releather professional leather dyeing services include preserving and restoring your beloved leather jacket, bag, auto interior and leather furniture. High end brands are their specialty so no need to worry about your favorite leather items, they will be like new again! 

Releather offers professional dyeing, cleaning and restoration services. 

  • Cleaning: Deep clean and condition leather surface, refresh its appearance, retouch minor scuffs and discoloration.

  •  Dyeing: Thoroughly dye the leather to its foundation. Color match to desired color with a protective finish.

  •  Restoration: Thoroughly dye the leather to its foundation. Color match to original color swatch with a protected finish.

Tulsa Leather Care

Leather belt on table.

1006 W Taft Ave #364, Sapulpa, OK 74066

Tulsa Leather Care handles all types of leather including handbags, jackets, automobile interiors(cars and RV's), and furniture! They routinely deal with high-end brands such as Betsey Johnson, Prada and Coach, so no need to worry about your favorite bag: if you need the leather restored or redyed, they will certainly do a great job.

Tulsa Leather Care has been re-dyeing and restoring leather handbags, garments and upholstery for years. They are capable of dyeing any color imaginable, including metallic colors, gold, silver and anything else you can think of. In addition to re-dyeing and restoring handbags and purses, they dye and restore furniture, jackets, RV and car interiors. Tulsa Leather Care does it all!

Arrow Fabricare

3838 Troost Ave, Kansas City, MO 64109

Arrow Fabricare is the leader is leather restoration. They repair and restore leather handbags, coats, jackets and boots. In addition to leather items, they are also experts in sheepskin items and suede handbags, boots and clothing. 

Arrow Fabricare services specialize in restoring leather garments and handbags back to their original vibrant color. Cleaning expensive handbags is not for amateurs, so if you want to ensure your favorite bag isn't damaged, restoration is best left to the pro's at Arrow Fabricare.

Rago Brothers

Old brown faded leather cowboy hat.

142 Speedwell Ave, Morristown, NJ 07960

Customers rave about Rago Brothers handbag dyeing service. If you're considering bringing your prized handbag back to life, consider Rago Brothers. They've been dyeing and restoring bags for decades. Rather than buying a new bag, send it to Rago Brothers, their craftsman will do an outstanding job that is sure to please.

– Replace purse chain or strap
– New handles or refinishing and edging of existing handles
– Dying and color matching
– Stitching repairs
– Add brass “feet” to bottom of bags
– Magnetic closures added/repaired/replaced
– Hardware replaced
– Beads, stones, charms and ornaments replaced
– Vintage handbag restoration
– Expert colorists skilled in custom matching
– In-house cleaning and refinishing studio
– PH-Balanced leather products used
– Hand applied, non-spray color techniques

– Full Leather Soles/Rubber Heels
– Half Soles & Heels
– Protective Rubber Soles
– Rubber Heels
– Other types of heels- various materials
– Shine shoes & boots
– Condition and clean
– Waterproof 

– Christian Louboutin
protective red soles applied
– Half Soles & Heels
– Thin, Protective Rubber Soles – various colors
– Heel Lifts
– Shine shoes & boots
– Condition and clean
– Waterproof

Vanson Leathers

951 Broadway, Fall River, MA 02724

Vanson offers leather redyeing, cleaning and restoring. They are solely focused on the motorcycle market. They manufacture restore for motorcycle racing gear. If that's not your thing, perhaps a different dyeing service is a better choice. 

  • Dyeing Leather
  • Washing and Cleaning Leather
  • Surface cleaning 
  • Reconditioning Wash

Haywards Cleaners

Piece of leather being cut with scissors.

25B Lowndes St, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 9JF, UK

Haywards Cleaners has been in the business of dyeing leather since 1982.  

Hayward's specialists have vast knowledge regarding dyeing and cleaning leather and suede. There are many different types of cleaning methods for different types of garments, whether it's suede or leather. It's critically important to use the proper technique to meticulously clean and dye leather or suede without causing any damage.

Great Leather

101 W. King Avon, IL. 61415

The folks at Great Leather are leather care specialists that's focused on delivering outstanding results every time. They take pride in paying attention to even the tiniest detail, whether it's a broken zipper on a small hole inside your jacket, consider it fixed when it's in Great Leather's possession. They may be pricier than other leather dyeing companies, but their terrific service is well worth every penny.

Buffalo Leather

Brown leather shoes being polished.

Unit 2C Hillthorpe Farm (Business Park) Knoll Lane Little Hoole, Preston Lancashire PR4 4TB

Buffalo Leather is a professional leather cleaning, restoring, and re-dyeing service. Is your leather jacket faded? Not a problem for Buffalo Leather, they've restored countless jackets in the past. 

 What they do:

  • Professionally cleaning
  • Leather re-dyeing
  • Condition and protect leather

What they don't do:

  • Colour changes
  • Cleaning to any fabric parts
  • Re-stitching
  • Repairs to linings, zips, press studs or buttons

AF Golden Cleaners

6501 San Fernando Rd Ste H, Glendale, CA 91201

AF Golden Cleaners offers cleaning and dyeing services for almost any leather garment. Want to dye your jacket from brown to black? They can do it. Jackets isn't the only thing they dye, they can also dye:

  • Coats
  • Hats
  • Pants
  • Blazers
  • Vests

Alterations can also be done to these items:

  • Jackets
  • Coats
  • Hats
  • Vests
  • Scarfs
  • Wraps
  • Shawls

It doesn't just end there! They also provide alterations for fur coats. Want your long fur coat turned into a lighter one? Or, want to make your fur scarf into a jacket for your pet? AF Golden Cleaners is the place to go!

Staffordshire Leather Care

Automobile with black leather seats.

32 Bakewell Dr, Stone ST15 8YR, UK

The professional dyeing staff at Staffordshire takes great pride in the workmanship. They can completely change the color of leather furniture or garments. Or, they can renew the old faded color back to it's original vibrant color.  The results they can achieve are incredible, no wonder why their customers rave about their services. 

Staffordshire's prices are reasonable and their turn around time is amazingly fast. We get the feeling they don't sleep!