10 Best Professional Handbag Dyeing Services in 2020


Is it time to renew your favorite handbag? Is your bag stained or faded so bad it's been in your closet for months? We know the feeling. There comes a point when your favorite handbag looks like it got run over by a truck, which leaves you with two options. Either throw it away or bring that beauty back to life! Rather than get rid of it, having it dyed is a great option. The only problem is choosing the best handbag dyeing service. Thankfully there are many to choose from and most of them look like great companies. So, how do you find the right one for you? We've listed the best companies below(in our opinion) to help you determine which one is good for you. If you're still not sure, use our contact form to contact every company with a single email. Or, if you prefer, you can just contact one or two. You should provide as many details about your handbag as possible. Also, ask questions and request prices quotes from everyone at once. It's fast, easy and free!

Arrow Fabricare

3838 Troost Ave, Kansas City, MO 64109

Arrow Fabricare repairs and restore all brands of leather handbags, coats, jackets and boots. In addition to leather items, they are also experts in sheepskin items and suede handbags, boots and clothing. 

Arrow Fabricare services specialize in restoring leather garments and handbags back to their original vibrant color. 

Cleaning expensive handbags is not for amateurs, so if you want to ensure your favorite bag isn't damaged, restoration is best left to the pro's at Arrow Fabricare.

Tulsa Leather Care

Lady holding brown leather handbag over her shoulder

1006 W Taft Ave #364, Sapulpa, OK 74066

Tulsa Leather Care handles all types of leather including handbags, jackets, automobile interiors(cars and RV's), and furniture! They routinely deal with high-end brands such as Betsey Johnson, Prada and Coach, so no need to worry about your favorite bag: if you need the leather restored or redyed, they will certainly do a great job.

Tulsa Leather Care has been re-dyeing and restoring leather handbags, garments and upholstery for years. They are capable of dyeing any color imaginable, including metallic colors, gold, silver and anything else you can think of. In addition to re-dyeing and restoring handbags and purses, they dye and restore furniture, jackets, RV and car interiors. Tulsa Leather Care does it all!

Rago Brothers

142 Speedwell Ave, Morristown, NJ 07960

Customers rave about Rago Brothers professional handbag dyeing service. If you're considering bringing your prized handbag back to life, consider Rago Brothers. They've been dyeing and restoring bags for decades. Rather than buying a new bag, send it to Rago Brothers, their craftsman will do an outstanding job that is sure to please.

– Replace purse chain or strap
– New handles or refinishing and edging of existing handles
– Dying and color matching
– Stitching repairs
– Add brass “feet” to bottom of bags
– Magnetic closures added/repaired/replaced
– Hardware replaced
– Beads, stones, charms and ornaments replaced
– Vintage handbag restoration
– Expert colorists skilled in custom matching
– In-house cleaning and refinishing studio
– PH-Balanced leather products used
– Hand applied, non-spray color techniques

The Handbag Spa

Two women holding handbags, one is beige and the other is ivory.

Harrogate HG2 7QH, UK

The Handbag Spa offers handbag dyeing, cleaning and restoration. Their entire team is specially trained, highly skilled, and is passionate about what they do. Their goal is to deliver the highest quality service and fast turnaround times. You can rest assured that your handbag is safe at The Handbag Spa. They are certainly a top contender!

Shoe Dye

C&D Shoes Ltd.  41 Charlemont St  Dublin 2  Ireland

Don't let the name fool ya! Shoe Dye can dye handbags as good as anyone in the business. In fact, they have been dyeing bags for over 50 years. Additionally, they can completely restore and repair your treasured bag. It will be like new after they're done working their magic! Definitely reach out to Shoe Dye if you are considering having your Bag dyed.

Purse Rehab

Lady holding pink handbag in front of dark colored background.

5310 Derry Ave, Ste X, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

The name Purse Rehab says it all; in addition to dyeing handbags, they specialize in:

  • Missing or broken hardware 
  • Ripped or Torn Straps/Handles 
  • Severe Stains and Color Loss
  • Torn Piping
  • Odor Removal
  • Broken Zippers
  • Damaged Interior Lining 
  • Chipped or Tarnished Hardware 
  • Pet Damage
  • Water Damage

Purse Rehab has been in business for over 30 years and it's no surprise why. Not only are they expert handbag dyers, their philosophy is - they treat customers like they want to be treated with respect, care and honesty. 

Midway Shoe Repair

471 Seminole Blvd, Largo, FL 33770

Midway Shoe Repair has been in business since 1965. They repair, restore and dye shoes, handbags, and purses. Midway can redye your handbag and repair every part to make it just like new again. From tear repair to zippers that are broken, to broken clasps and total re-dyes, they can make it look fantastic! 

It should be noted that the folks at Midway offer a 10% discount to veterans and military personal.

Leather Surgeons

Red, beige, orange and black handbags.

5550 Pin Oak Drive Doylestown, PA 18902

First of all, what a great name! Their tagline is 'The Hands Behind the Handbag". Who doesn't love that one! It addition to having a great name, they have a great service. Their team of master craftsman will work their magic on your purse or handbag that will leave you speechless.  

Leather Surgeons has pioneered solutions to breathe life back into your favorite handbags. From simple cleanings to complex meticulous repairs and restorations, Leather Surgeons studio will surely exceed your expectations.

Cobbler Express

60 Wall St. New York, NY 10005

Cobbler Express offers suede and leather bag dyeing services; however, there are more color options with leather bags. In addition to dyeing bags, they also dye shoes.

Handbag and Shoe Services

  • fix
  • restore
  • dye
  • clean
  • shine 

If you live in NYC, they will pick up and deliver your items. If you live elsewhere, they offer a mail in service that takes about 7 to 10 days.

Meurice Garment Care

Multi colored handbag on table.

535 Manida St, The Bronx, NY 10474

In addition to dyeing handbags, Meurice Garment Care offers many other services.

They are experts in:

  • Handbag cleaning
  • Leather & suede
  • Fur cleaning
  • Shoe restoration
  • Uniform cleaning
  • Dry cleaning
  • Shirt Laundry
  • Alterations & tailoring
  • Vintage restoration
  • Wedding & Bridal

Meurice Garment Care's professional bag restoration can bring any bag to life whether it's made from suede leather or fabric. Their expert craftsmen will restore your bag to its original condition. If your bag needs to be repaired, they can do that too. Contact them today for a price quote.