Garment Dyeing

Professional Garment Dyeing Service


Extensive Experience

Whether we are dyeing a single garment for your special occassion or 100,000 garments for a national retailer, each garment undergoes extensive quality control that is unmatched in the industry.


Real Value

Our dye-houses are equipped to handle any garment dyeing request including specialty washes. You can depend on us for exceptional service at a competitive price.


Need it now?

Don’t be worried about turn time, your garments will be ready when you need them. As with our services, our speed is unmatched.

Why choose us?



Our strong sense of teamwork with our client projects means that we are constantly striving to provide outstanding results every time.


Problem Solving

Our goal is to solve potential problems while they're small, even for issues our clients are not yet aware of. To this end, we adopt a progressive approach to technology that helps us to identify dyeing issues before they become production problems.


Effective and efficient execution

Fast Dye's success lies in its commitment to being thorough and operating with professionalism and expertise. This sense of responsibility means we always strive to add value for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a minimum order?

There are no minimums, we will gladly dye one garment  small quantities of garments. Fast  is primarily geared for production orders but will cater to any of your needs.

How can I permanently dye clothes at home?

Dyes sold at local stores are not ideal for dyeing clothes. Although they are sold as all-purpose dyes they will not be as permanent as professional grade dyestuffs.

Do you have a garment dyeing service in Sacramento?

We are located nearby in Los Angeles, but no locations in Sacramento. 

Can you dye wedding dresses from David's Bridal?

Our services include dyeing wedding dresses from David's Bridal. They are typically constructed from polyester fabrics and dye good.

Can you dip dye clothing?

A variety of clothing is dip dyeable and can be customized to meet your unique requirements. Whatever your needs, contact us to evaluate the possibility of having your clothes dip dyed.

What is garment dyed?

Garment dyeing is preformed after a garment is constructed as opposed to yarn dyeing which takes place prior to the fabric being woven or knitted.

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